Ma Zhitao: mature technologies such as blockchain bring opportunities for optimization of social governance mode BTC

 一分快3高手经验     |      2020-08-05 21:30
On June 5, 2020, world environment day, Beijing environment business office, weiduoyinzuo and Beijing Green Pratt & Whitney Network Technology Co., Ltd. held an online press conference on \ The following is the full text of Ma Zhitao's speech:  

good expert. I'm Ma Zhitao from weiduoyin. Today, I'm very lucky to attend the online conference of \ 1、 UnicodeToStringerror 3、 At present, cloud computing, blockchain, federated learning, Internet of things and edge computing are gradually mature. Under the protection of these technologies, a transparent, peer-to-peer and credible matching paradigm is formed among multiple participants, which brings opportunities for the optimization of social governance mode. Therefore, we have selected a brand-new reference framework of social governance model:

goodness measures: This is a kind of social governance framework which aims at measuring, encouraging, tracking and supervising mechanism. We look forward to agreeing on this framework to encourage the public and the public to actively practice social elegance. This is also in line with the tendency of consistent countries to constantly advocate human elegance in the standard (sdgs).

There are three central mechanisms in

framework: measurement, incentive compatibility and compliance governance.

First of all, the measurement scale refers to the measurement, recording and accumulation of the necessary good.

We have many measures in our life, such as temperature, humidity, angle, radian, height, longitude and latitude. Goodness is very similar, but goodness is not a single measure, but a type of measurement. There are different measurement scales in different scenarios.

For example, \